Immersions/Teacher Trainings - Jackie Prete Yoga
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Immersions/Teacher Trainings

Immersions/Teacher Trainings

Anusara Yoga’s Therapeutic Elements with Jackie & Julia

45 hrs: This training is a comprehensive study of how to use the ‘Universal Principles of Alignment’ of Anusara Yoga to invite easefulness and the optimal flow of Prana to support the bodies ability to heal itself on every level. Learning how to use hands on adjustments for oneself and in assisting others transforms our awareness through touch.
It is created for teachers but open to dedicated students, and it will open the door to the real possibility of your yoga practice’s innate ability to heal what is out of balance.

This four weekend training offers overarching concepts of Anusara Yoga Therapeutics, providing the practical information needed to navigate and effectively support our own therapeutic needs as well as those of our students. Throughout the course we address how to safely manage a wide array of injuries during an asana practice as well as how to use the tools of our practice to support a growing awareness and integration around the space of an injury. We will take an in-depth look into the bio-mechanics of anatomy and kinesiology, inquire into the complexity of human physiology, and learn to identify and to feel our way through habituated impasses and tendencies to overwork, brought to light through the asana practice.

Since Jackie had a serious bike accident in September of 2016, she has learned a new level of skills in dealing with people going through major physical and psychic trauma. Along with her 20 years as a massage therapist and yoga teacher, she will be sharing her insights on recovering from major surgery/trauma and pain and how to support our loved ones and students through this phase of their healing.
Julia brings her many years of intensive study of the human body, anatomy, physiology and kinesiology to the program along with her passion to share this information in a very practical and accessible way. She currently works therapeutically with 8-10 students a week and brings her insights of the wide variety of support yoga teachers can offer those who seek to use Yoga as their method of healing.

200 Hour Teacher Training Program WYC 2019/20

100 Hour Immersion program starts January 2019

The Immersion program starts in January 2017 and is the first level of a two year program that is open to all students, new and seasoned alike. Enter this program to discover the wisdom and transformational power at the heart of Yoga. The core teachings are based on the expansive philosophy of the Tantric masters which kindles new awareness. Participation will take your practices to a revelatory level and move your life forward.

The immersion weekends include hatha yoga and meditation training, fundamental study of philosophy, group inquiry and the building of a committed community. In between weekends, through weekly hatha classes, inspired readings, and the ongoing guidance of the trainers, Immersion students remain in contact with the authentic essence of Yoga.

Participation will take your practices to a revelatory level and move your life forward.Through Immersion weekends, regular Hatha Yoga classes, meditations, inspired readings, and the ongoing guidance of the trainers, students experience a sustained contact with the essence of Yoga. The radical, life-affirming philosophy of Anusara® yoga facilitates new levels of awareness and openings of the heart.

The prerequisites for this program is the 100 hour Anusara Immersion

Dates for our program:

Jan. 26-27

February 23,24

March 16,17

April 13,14

May 18, 19

June 1,2

Training Location

A beautiful loft on W 38th Street near Penn Station. Students are invited to take classes at the World Yoga Center in between weekends to deepen their understanding of asana and to build sacred community around the immersion. A discount for classes is offered to all who enroll in the Immersion.


917-822-1120 / / Contact Jackie Prete Day

Cost: $ 2150 (If paid in full) / $2400 (with Payment plan)

Teachers: Taught by Jackie Prete and Rudrani Farbman

“Taking this two year training was by far the best decision I have ever made in my life. There is an energy between us all that feels like the bond of family. We have seen one another through an incredible transformation. My trainers have been inspiring role models. They are tireless in their devotion to nurturing us and passing on the teachings and they never stopped believing in our greatness. I gave every bit of my heart to this training. I watch the teachers from the last training and long to blossom just as they have and I’m confident I will with patience and dedication.”