Private sessions - Jackie Prete Yoga
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Private sessions

Private sessions

During this Pandemic I will be doing all Private and semi-private training sessions using platform. Please download this software onto your lap top and schedule a session by calling 917-822-1120 or go to my online scheduler
Pricing will be for in Jackie’s studio even though we are online! You will get the same discount as if you arrived at my house.
To keep everyone safe I am doing all sessions online. Zoom lets us see each other and interact.
Call for your free demo to check it out.


A unique set of concise bio-mechanical alignment principles called the Universal Principles of Alignment, is applied to each asana. Students are taught how to align themselves in order to feel more energized, to release patterns of poor posture, held tension and pain.

 Sessions take place at Jackie’s studio on the UWS or in your home or office.

 Semi-private and Privates are offered.

 Private corporate classes available (enquire about rates and scheduling)

 Private therapeutic sessions prepare students to transition into classroom settings and recover from injuries.

 Students are given homework to cultivate a 15-20 minute daily home practice.

 Some students choose to combine private sessions with their regular weekly class participation.


Free 15 minutes asana and 10 minutes meditation practice with me.



Book a 60 minute Private Anusara yoga session in Jackie’s Studio.



Enjoy 10 minute meditation is great for beginners or intermediate students



 Specific body work to open the adhered tissue

 Monthly follow-up appointments to keep the student on track after their healing as needed.

 Scheduling a number of sessions (1-5) that will help to heal the issue

 Students are encouraged to return to class following the initial healing phase.

 Assessment of the injury

 Deep self-inquiry how to change the patterns of thinking, moving and being that contribute to this injury

 Learning the Universal Principles of Alignment

 Detailed home-practice asana and exercise instructions with clear diagrams and directions for use by the client on a daily basis


  Individual meditation instruction

  Hip-opening asanas to help prepare the body for meditation

  Pranayama (breathing techniques) to help focus the mind

Students are encouraged to develop a regular asana practice

At Jackie’s studio (Upper West Side):$150/ hour
At your home or office$170/ hour

5- 10 session packages available

Single Sessions 5 Sessions 10 Sessions
Private in Jackie’s studio $150/hr 5 sessions $725 10 sessions $1400
Private at your home or office $170/ hr 5 Sessions $825 10 Sessions $1600
Private in Jackie’s studio $180/90 minutes 5 Sessions $875 10 Sessions $1700
Private in your studio 90 min $200/90 minutes 5 Sessions $975 10 Sessions $1900
Semi-private in Jackie’s studio $175/ hr 5 Sessions $850 10 Sessions $1650
Semi private in your home $220/ hr 5 Sessions $1075 10 Sessions $2100

My new video honoring Gurupurnima has just been released on YogaVibes –


“After five private sessions with Jackie, I remember saying to her: “You changed my life”. And I meant it. When I had an MRI for severe groin pain, it revealed instead an issue emanating from my hip. The prescribed PT only helped minimally and the medication temporarily (additionally, the latter had potential serious long term effects.).During private lessons with Jackie she guided me through several yoga poses and exercises and gave me a detailed plan to follow at home. With her encouragement, I also returned to yoga class where she continued to watch over me, adjusting some of the poses to my ability. Now, in addition to attending yoga class regularly, resuming jogging, and this summer hiking and kayaking I also have been able to substantially reduce the medication.
Thank you Jackie! “

Terry Cohen Private client