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This dream has led me to becoming a Certified Anusara yoga teacher and Certified Health Coach.

Please click on ASHY for more information. Each week I get to see 200 students of all ages in classes and private sessions.

Certified Anusara® Yoga Instructor

Licensed Massage Therapist

Co-Founder & former Director of Certification for the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga

It has been my greatest dream to live and work around a conscious community. This dream has led me to becoming a Certified Anusara yoga teacher and Certified Health Coach.

Anusara® yoga is based on a unique set of concise bio-mechanical alignment principles called the “Universal Principles of Alignment”. It has been my greatest dream to live and work around a conscious community.

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I started my journey as a yoga teacher in 1991 teaching in gyms in NYC. My classes were rigorous and fun but something was missing. My search for a life filled with connection to my highest purpose led me to finding some great teachers.The White Lotus Foundation in Santa Monica gave me my first experience of teacher training in 1995. I am so grateful to Ganga White and his wife, Tracey Rich, for their guidance.


  In 1998, I met John Friend and started my path towards becoming an Anusara Certified Teacher. I became certified in 2001 and have trained teachers in NYC, Japan, and Europe ever since. Some of my teachers from the Anusara tribe include Zhenja LaRosa, Ross Rayburn, Desiree Rumbaugh, Jimmy Bernaert, Paul Muller- Ortega, Carlos Pomeda, Bill Mahoney.

  I also studied Iyengar Yoga in with Genny Kapular and became obsessed with learning anatomy and physiology. I graduated the Swedish Institute in 1996 and became a Licensed Massage Therapist. My interest about learning about the body continues today. I have studied with Ellen Saltonstall, Jason Brown, Martin Kirk, Doug Keller, Tom Meyers, and Ray Long and plan to continue studying throughout my path as a yoga teacher. I have led Therapeutics Teacher training programs in NYC at Pure Yoga and World Yoga Center, in Japan and at Samavesha, the Anusara yoga gathering in Martha’s Vineyard 2015.

  In 2004 I joined forces with Rudrani Farbman, Director of the World Yoga Center. Through our shared Dharma, Rudrani and I have helped nurture many students and new teachers. Students leave our programs embracing a new perspective, letting go of life long patterns of negativity and limited thinking, feeling empowered to step into their Swadharma. (their true path).

  I have recently completed a year-long training taught by Cate Stillman to become a Certified Health Coach. The Body Evolves, my new health coaching course based on Ayurveda, transforms student’s relationship to their body, hearts and minds. The students experience deeper and more restful sleep and learn to maintain a healthy weight. They emerge 10-20 pounds lighter, feeling decades younger, refreshed and focused, and more empowered around their health and diet. Check out some testimonials of recent graduates.

  Through my work with Rudrani Farbman at the World Yoga Center, Cate Stillman and Anusara communities I have attained my dream. My life is surrounded by a wonderful tribe of seekers all moving forward to bring more love and light into the world.
I am so grateful to all my teachers and their love and guidance.

  I am honored to be one of the co-founders and to serve as the  former Director of Certification for the new Anusara School of Hatha Yoga. This new teacher led organization has taken the best from the teachings of Anusara yoga and are now evolving this international school. I am proud to be a member of this great international tribe.

With great love and respect,


Certified Yoga Health Coach

Certified Anusara yoga Instructor

Co Founder and Former Director of Certification for the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga


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Some of New York/s most popular instructors also run their own upstate retreats. Jackie Prete and Joe Palese offer yoga weekends at Dai Botastsu Zendo in Livingston Manor NY. The mountaintop programs include two yoga classes daily, evening activities that often incorporate meditation and lots of free time to swim or hike.

New York Magazine March 24, 2003 article “Om and Away”

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